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    Auto, Property, and Heavy Equipment Adjusting

    Connected Claim Services provides insurance carriers across the US with the highest quality adjusting services. Our team of qualified and certified adjusters draws on highly specialized knowledge, impeccable skills, and extensive training to deliver results in a timely manner and for a fair price.

    Our Services

    We offer insurance claim adjusting for all lines including residential, heavy equipment, auto and inland marine and has a deep understanding of how to substantially improve returns on all types of salvage.

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    Customer Service

    We promise to exceed your expectations by providing world class customer service by our passionate and experienced staff.


    We utilize the latest claims estimating software to make filing and settling your auto claims as quick and accurate as possible.

    Heavy Equipment

    From freightliners to bulldozers, we can assist with any H.E. claim.

    Municipal Buildings

    We have you covered all around from city infrastructure buildings and municipal offices to state parks and state-based assets.